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We don't want skin rashes, heart attacks, excess fat....Because no one wins when workers die. - Rob Schambord, CEO

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Nobody wants to suck.

A lot of corporate wellness programs, despite the best of intentions, really suck. They don’t do what they are supposed to do. And what are they supposed to do? Make people healthier in ways that you can measure.

Want to know if your program sucks?

Are you secretly haunted by doubts that your corporate wellness program might actually suck? Take the quiz below to find out for sure. For each of the four questions select all of the answers to that question that apply to your program. When you are finished, click “Continue” to get your score.

1. So when you say you have a wellness program what you really mean is…

2. We know our program is working because…

3. We try our best to get people motivated to participate by…

4. If you took an all expense paid trip to Bali for the next six months, what would happen to your wellness program?